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Last updated 30 March 2012


The Alleycode HTML Editor comes first but only because these reviews are in alphabetical order. It is sadly deficient in all those features which anyone with experience would regard as standard in a web editor.

It always opens in a smallish window pushed up into the top left corner of the screen so every time you run it your first job is to resize and reposition it. This is amateurish design and very irritating and not a very good start to the review process. It is not project based.If an editor is project based you can select the appropriate folders with one click, if not you have to locate your web pages when the editor starts, or when you change projects.


Alleycode starts with the last HTML and PHP files opened, but strangely does not reopen CSS files.

The directory view does not open automatically, you have to open it at startup every time, and it always defaults to the Alleycode progam folder so that you then have to go in search of your project. The directory view cannot show the contents of two folders at one time as the folder tree is in one pane and a folder contents in another.


The editor is rudimentary, it has line numbering yet has no option to go to a line, there are no modern features such as code foldingThe ability to collapse and hide logical blocks of code and expand them again or code block commentingThe ability to comment out a highlighted block of code with one menu action, and un-comment it again. and you cannot bookmark the code. Multiple files are shown as tabs in the editor pane, and you can only view one file at a time.

Code highlighting Different text colours are used for HTML tags, displayed text, attribute and variable names and values and so on. is provided for HTML and PHP but oddly not CSS files. For HTML files the results are completely useless as you can see from the screen shot.

Limited code assistance is available, there is a library of HTML, tags, CSS attributes and PHP functions, a double-click will insert the template code at the cursor position, and some common code fragments are available on a toolbar, but there are no user-defined snippets. These libraries occupy the same pane as the folder view so that you cannot see both at one time. There are some templates which are not to current standards, even the template for a new HTML page is non-compliant!

Find/Replace is primitive with few options and can only deal with the current file, but at least is not modalWhen a window is modal you must complete or cancel the operation and close the window before you can resume what you were doing..


There is a page preview feature but won't import from include files, cannot show dynamic content, and it takes no notice of external CSS files, so it is of absolutely no value at all!. There is no built in FTPFile Transfer Protocol: A built-in FTP client will enable you to upload files to your website without leaving the editor..

There are very few customisation options, the onboard help is minimal and not searchable. The product does offer links to some online SEO functions but these did not work properly when I tried them.


This is a very disappointing product by any standards. Even for simple web sites with few HTML and CSS source files the editor is sadly lacking in functionality, there are much better free products than this one.

Alleycode is provided as a free download by a site which offers a range of SEO services, but even as a loss leader I wonder if anything so primitive can be effective.

Find it at alleycode.com

March 9, 2013, 5:32 pm

From: D Gualtieri

I think you a bit hard on alleycode I use it for a long time & it ok.